Our Goals

Increase the Physical Activity Levels Amongst Ethnically Diverse Females


MSA has actively increased the number of female participants from Muslim and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Year after year, the number of participants has grown. Participants have built lasting relationships and created new friendship groups by retaining a high standard of coaching staff.
The positive impact of participating in sports and physical activities has also impacted their mental health. Participants feel happier, which has led to a more positive holistic outlook with a knock-on effect with their families.
MSA has inspired and supported other organisations to enter the industry to start their sessions to engage their local community, which has been favourable to see.


As ethnically diverse females ourselves, we can understand the barriers our community faces and also share those lived experiences and challenges faced when trying to find safe spaces to participate in sports. By understanding the communities, we have been able to understand what was missing, the barriers that exist, and what was required to address their requirements and ensure we are delivering relevant services.
We can sustain our existing programmes and expand into new communities. Our model has greatly shown its robust success even in times such as the pandemic where we were able to adapt and take our offering online using the network of coaches we have established.

Provide the Best Opportunity for Women to form a Positive Relationship with Physical Activity For Life
Provide the Best Opportunity for Women to form a Positive Relationship with Physical Activity For Life


MSA has regularly engaged in the place-based approach of connecting to local organisations and entering partnership-based working. We believe this strengthens our position in the industry and allows us to build our network to create more opportunities for our participants and influence policies and systems. Contributing to round-table discussions with the House of Lords Sports and Recreation Committee is one example of how MSA engages with the broader industry.
Each is initiating and facilitating important conversations within their roles across the industry to improve policies and have a more strategic focus on ethnically diverse communities, especially for Muslim females.


MSA work with the Sports for Development Coalition, the Muslim Girls Fence initiative, and Project Rimaya. These are just a few examples of how MSA has engaged with organisations to support social and community engagement. We have also worked with Mind and the Local Authority to co-design community hubs. Our work with Faith and Belief Forum has increased community cohesion by participating in the InterFaith Fun Run. We have also done charity walks, boat races and badminton tournaments to raise  and support other local charities. Collaborating with partners in coalition work has supported wider engagement in the community,
allowing MSA to change the stereotypical views and biases society may have of Muslim females.

Support Social and Community Engagement by Working with Local Organizations