Reha Ullah

Reha Ullah

Case Study

Reha Ullah was a participant at MSA before completing her fencing and football level 1 coaching awards. Being so active within the association, Reha is also a trustee for MSA. ‘I think they created an environment that’s in line with my faith and beliefs, whilst finding us supportive coaches that are passionate and sincere.’ Even when being visible within the association and holding several roles, there are still areas where MSA has helped and continue to help. ‘It has given me a platform to be a role model and an activist to drive MSA forward to become the source of contact for women and sports. I have been a trustee for a few years now and after I joined, we grew exponentially to the extent that we lack womanpower.


It has given me a public space by personal reputation with the trust created by MSA to create relationships within my community that is mutually beneficial and has the community as its focus. The skills attained at MSA has accelerated my personal growth in many different areas starting from me the individual.’ As a BAME woman, coach, and trustee there is always one can inspire and be inspired. Encouraging more females, especially young females from the BAME community to participate in sports is a challenge, however, there are other areas of which they can get involved. ‘I would do what we are doing already.


I scout for these roles as they are not for everyone, and requires a certain skill set and passion to make a difference.’ Being a coach and a trustee are other routes into the sport if the path of participation is out of means, thus finding the role for you. Reha continues to be a great role model, supporter, teacher, and force who provides an environment for unlimited personal growth.