Yasmin Hussain

Yasmin Hussain

Case Study

Yasmin Hussain is a Level 1 coach for the MSA football team, previously a participant within the football team, and now a FA level 1 coach. MSA makes sure that its participants, coaches are aware of the impact they can have. Mentioning impact, Yasmin spoke about how she was influenced into applying for her FA coaching badge.


‘I was searching for information about the MSA football session as I wanted to start to play football again. While searching for the timetable I came across a post which said there was 1 space available for the FA level 1 course. That moment I felt that this was meant to be, something I wanted to do but did not realise until I came across it. I registered for the course and 3 days later started my coaching journey.’


MSA’s philosophy and visions resonate with those who are a part of the association. ‘The MSA vision is something I am passionate about; I share the same vision trying to get more women becoming active and giving them the opportunity to play without compromising their religion. MSA has supported me continuously through my coaching journey and being able to get women playing indoor football to compete in a league and engage with the local community is something we are proud of.’


Yasmin has a real hands-on approach to seeing inclusivity thrive and better the sporting experience. Being visible is important, and having an association like MSA gives a new look to sports in the area. Before MSA was founded in 2014 Yasmin mentioned ‘There wasn’t anything like them in the area, and I don’t think there is anything still anything like them now.’ there is still a lot to do in terms of getting more involved, however, it takes more than one to achieve this.