About Us

Muslimah Sports Association - Est.2014

We Inspire | Develop | Empower Women Through Sports

Muslimah Sports Association aims to offer women a safe and positive environment to participate in a number of different sports without compromising their religious or cultural beliefs.



Established in 2014. Grown organically gaining charity status in 2019, MSA now offers over 15 sports a week including; Badminton, Basketball, Netball, Karate, Football and Tennis.


Our Mission

To provide an outlet for like-minded women and create a place where women are free to participate in sports without compromising their religious or cultural beliefs.



We work with key stakeholders and continue to challenge National Governing Bodies to ensure opportunities for BAME participation at an elite standard. This is high on the agenda across all sports.


Our Values


At MSA we strive to empower women through various sporting activities which include Basketball, Tennis, Fencing, Karate, Football, Netball, Pilates and Yoga.



We only work with the best qualified female coaches from diverse backgrounds to ensure good quality sporting sessions are delivered.



Our participants are growing and excelling in the sports they have chosen through MSA, achieving grading belts in Martial Arts & Karate and competing in Football tournaments.

About Us

We know the playing field is not always level. MSA believes having more positive representation of Muslim and ethnically diverse women will lead to an increase in participation at all levels.By removing existing barriers to sports and activities, we can be part of a bigger picture of work that helps to address many of society’s biggest challenges. MSA has seen the impact of what sports and physical activity has on its community: making people happier and healthier.

MSA has received recognition throughout the industry, engaging with the House of Lords Sports & Recreation Select Committee to talk about the challenges facing ethnically diverse communities, especially females.

Want to get involved?

Your involvement goes beyond words—it’s an action that brings meaningful change. Explore your options and be a force for good with MSA!