Sakina Anwar-Riaz

Sakina Anwar-Riaz



Sakina, is a teacher of English of over twenty Years. She has a passion for writing and communicating with a wide range of people most notably as a News Reader for Better Bangla on Sound Radio. When she isn’t teaching or writing articles or poetry or presenting, she is also a volunteer for MSA.

Sakina’s vision advocating for BAME women in sports is one that is close to her heart. Coming from a sporty family, her interest in golf is what initially drew her to MSA but making new friends is what sustained it. As the communications officer for MSA, Sakina has written a travel blog on MSA’s first ever trip abroad to Bosnia, is the voice you might recognise in the MSA promotional videos and has helped write speeches for awards ceremonies as well as poetry celebrating MSA’s incredible achievements. Sakina hopes in particular to engage the younger generation- not just participating in sports but flourishing in them!

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