Sofina Khanom

Sofina Khanom



Sofina Khanom has a background in Management Accountancy and has worked in the Further and Higher education sector for the last 20 years. Her drive for women’s well-being comes from being involved in various work-related transformation projects, where the introduction of sports courses and well-being centres has proven to have a direct correlation to the mental well-being of young students’ minds.

Her personal strive to live a healthy lifestyle engages her in various sports such as Golf, Yoga, and Rowing. She took the initiative to volunteer in MSA when she witnessed the tangible difference it makes in the lives of women in the local community.

Her devotion further deepened when she witnessed the large positive impact MSA was making in people’s lives up close and since has joined the Trustee board where she is integral in managing the finances and accounts to ensure MSA can continue to thrive and expand.

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