Leaders Urge Action Over Representation

Sports charity leaders from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds have urged the UK’s sports administrators to take more proactive measures over representation.

Yashmin feels that specific targets should be set. “Although the lack of Black and Asian Board members is something often discussed, unless there is something more challenging like targets very little will change,” she told ConnectSport.

“Diversity of thinking, and ‘check and challenging’ within the Boardroom can only be achieved if you have members from BAME backgrounds and from all walks of life. Board diversity is absolutely required in order to tackle the systemic racism and bias that exists within sports – and this has to be led from the top down.” 

Yashmin called for more sports governing bodies to be proactive in engaging with, and listening to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic members, staff or volunteers. “The sector needs passionate and experienced BAME individuals who have been working under the radar but can address some of the challenges the sports sector faces. It is time NGBs bring these individuals to the table and hear their voices – collectively – if we are to be serious about shifting the balance and changing perceptions.”

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