Learning To Cycle with MSA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for providing me with the opportunity to gain a skill for life and tick one more thing off my bucket list.

I grew up at a time where the local community would raise an eye brow (or two) if they saw a woman cycling and because of this I wasn’t allowed to have a bike as a child. I grew up always wanting to ride a bike in nature and in the city but the dream was lost in the process of learning to drive. But since having my son the desire to be able to cycle was reignited and I wanted to be able to teach him. But how could I if I didn’t know how?

I was going to start learning with my son during the Easter holidays this year but then we got hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and everything was cancelled.

I started as a complete beginner and in 6 sessions I am now able to ride on the road. I didn’t think this was possible. I had such a great teacher Anna Bagi as she explained everything so well. She would test me each lesson too which I needed as it’s so easy to forget from one session to the next. It is very important to have a good teacher you connect with as I believe you learn better that way and I thank Anna for my progress.

I thank MSA so much for making a change in society and to prove that cycling is for everyone and it is not limited to your gender, race, age, religion etc. Cycling is a way of life that everyone should experience otherwise you have not lived!

Stay well, keep smiling and continue to do what you do, it matters!

Lots of love, Nasima Rahman (A proud cyclist) 🚴‍♂️

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