I’ve had this Couch to 5K goal for the last couple of years but I never really did anything about it apart from downloading the app!

When I saw MSA advertise the challenge, I joined out of curiosity as to how it would work as a group when everyone lives in different areas with busy schedules etc.

Although I actually never made it to a group running session, knowing that others were doing the same thing really motivated me.

There is one run that really stands out for me which was when it goes from 8 minutes in Run 2 to a full 20 minutes for Run 3 of the same week. (Sorry – a spoiler alert too late!) I was really dreading it and felt like that was going to be my exit point but alhamdulillah the sisters who had done it really encouraged me and made it seem possible and so I went for it that afternoon and alhamdulillah I ran it! That was a defining point in the journey for me as I would refer back to that run to remind myself that this was something I could achieve, inshaAllah.

To all the sisters here, may Allah SWT reward you all for the words of encouragement, support and duas that have been shared on the group. Ameen.

To the MSA team – may the goodness you bring out by organising these opportunities weigh heavy on your scale of good deeds and may Allah SWT shower His Blessings upon you all – Ameen! You are an amazing team mashaAllah and we are blessed that there are people like you around to help make our goals a reality ❤️ alhamdulillah ❤️

To all still on the journey, keep going inshaAllah you will get there and we will all be waiting to congratulate you at the (virtual) finish line inshaAllah! May Allah SWT bless our sisterhood and grant us good health and a thankful heart. Ameen.

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