Ramadan and Physical Exercise – how should we adapt our lifestyle to incorporate exercise

Ramadan is the perfect time to physically reset. Throughout your day-to-day life, your physical health can sometimes take a back seat; whether you’re a busy mum, a corporate worker or a student in the midst of your studies, it’s easy to get caught up with life and not pay attention to how your body is responding. But no matter where you are in life, physical health should always be a priority and Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to make this happen.

As Muslims, we know that Ramadan is the time to connect to God through fasting and prayer, so diets change drastically over the month. During this time, it’s important to keep an eye on our bodies and what we are consuming – is it helping us in the day, are we feeding ourselves ¾ full, are we staying away from gluttony and will it help our health in the long run.

Similarly, exercise is something which should be reconsidered. If you regularly frequent the gym or have a strict workout routine, think about how you can change this if you are fasting.  The aim of Ramadan is to get closer to God whilst keeping your body healthy so exercises should be completed in line with your body’s requirements.

Here are MSA’s top tips for the month:

  1. Only exercise in Ramadan if you are physically able to do so Ramadan is also about being kind to your body and treating it with care. If you have any uncertainties about what type of exercises you can do, please consult a physician. 
  1. Choose nutritious food → this should be energy-rich food that is right for your body. This will not only help with concentration throughout the day but help you in prayer.
  1. Exercises should be lower intensity → as diet changes drastically, exercises that are done regularly (outside of Ramadan) will need to change. Find out what type of intensity is best for you and what goes with the food you are eating. If you have any uncertainties about this, please consult a physician.
  1. Drink plenty of water at Suhoor → this will stop you feeling too dehydrated throughout the day.
  1. Give yourself a break → rest is also a form of healing; it is a way to re-energise, rest your body and mind from the day and fully relax. Remember that using a mobile device when lying down is not resting as your body is still physically active so not truly relaxed. Rest should be a total physical detachment from the things that keep you busy and a chance for your body to be given respite.   

Charity Events this Ramadan

Muslimah Sports Association will be partnering with the Muslim Sports Network on the Ramadan Fast Run, a journey of faith and fitness through Ramadan. From 10 March – 2 April runners worldwide will be coming together to connect and celebrate the values of Ramadan and achieve their personal milestones both physical and spiritual. For more information on how to get involved, please visit: Register Here

MSA will also be supporting Channel S and the RFC (Ramadan Family Commitment) annual charity fundraiser this Ramadan. The RFC supports 26 different charities with funds distributed equally to all. MSA will be highlighting the work of the award-winning campaigner Najmun Nahar who will be touring all 200 countries to campaign for peace and prosperity, whilst being the first Muslim woman to do so. The Bangladeshi-born Swede has already travelled to 167 countries and will visit the remaining 33 countries as RFC Ambassador and lead the ‘RFC Safar for Peace’ initiative. During her journey, Najmun will meet with global leaders, change-makers and campaigners to share her amazing journey of spirit and spread the message of peace. As an ambassador of the RFC, she will also lead a fundraising campaign which helps victims of war, climate change, disadvantaged children and families and those with disabilities and life-changing circumstances. Najmun Nahar has embarked on a remarkable 24-year journey, traversing the globe predominantly by road. Throughout her adventurous journey, she has encountered numerous adversities, staring death in the face multiple times. Undeterred, she continues her travels across the globe, unfurling the flag of peace everywhere she goes.  

You can support the fundraiser by donating here: Muslimah Sports Association MSA is fundraising for Orphans Shelter Foundation (justgiving.com)

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