On Friday 10th May, we were honoured to hear a beautiful poem by Sakina Anwar-Riaz. Here is the poem recited by Sakina at our MSA 10-year event:

A journey for life

Row row row your boat gently down the stream
Scratch that!
Row faster than you’ve ever rowed. Let’s be the winning team.

Dragon boat racing screaming crowds, splashing, stroking
Make everyone proud
A host of activities, sports for all
From golf to, to tchi chi and even football
Give the grind a break, take some time for you
A wife, a mother, a daughter finds some passions anew.
Laughter, shrieking, score a hole in one
Meet the sisters who bask in the glorious sun

We unite over faith that connect us to our deen
Compromise nothing but pursue and be seen.
Our eyes have been pried open to the injustices in the world
It seems faith does matter when it comes to protecting
That “foreign” boy or a girl.
But in the cacoon of common values
MSA carves out a path
To explore new adventures or to simply to have a laugh

Strangers become friends
a family we choose
Their health, worries and joys form our daily news
From Leicester Square to Champneys and Bosnia to boot
Life has never quite been the same since MSA
Took root

So yes Row Row Row that boat with passion and pure pride
Leave the other vessels behind
MSA is the winning side.

By Sakina Anwar-Riaz

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